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1980's Europe Leather Tuck Pants Brown size w 33 inch
1980's Levi's lot : 719 Corduroy Straight Pants BEIGE size w 29.5 inch (表記 30 x 31)
3.1.Philliplim Gradation Color Tapered Trousers White Base size w 34 inch (表記 S)
~1970's "TAE YONG CUSTOM TAILOR" Straight Suede Pants Camel Brown size 30.5 inch
1970's USA ELK HIDE Leather Pants -hand made & hand stitch- BEIGE size w 32 inch
1970's Corduroy Flare Trousers with Cargo Pocket Burgundy size w 32 inch
1970's Wrangler Bush Pocket Flare Pants -made in USA- Burgundy(Heather color) size w 32 inch (表記 34x36)
1970's "Sears JR Bazaar" Crazy Pattern Cotton Pants Purple / Red / Green size w 34 inch (表記 不明)
B) ~1940's Europe Wool Trousers with Suspenders Button BLACK size 30 ~ 33 inch
C) ~1940's Europe Wool Trousers with Suspenders Button BLACK size 33 ~ 35 inch
1990's "Zeno Veronese" Wool Tweed Trousers -made in ITALY- GREY size w 32.5 inch
1970's~ Levi's 646 Corduroy Pants BROWN size w 31 inch  (表記 不明)
"ADAM KIMMEL" Pin Stripe Cotton Trousers 11/12 AW NAVY size S (48)
"ADAM KIMMEL" Cotton 5 Pocket Trousers 11/12 AW BLACK size XS (40)
"MARC JACOBS" Design 5 Pocket Pants GOLD size w 31.5 inch (表記 なし)
"Polo by Ralph Lauren" Two Tuck Linen Trousers Emerald Green size w 32
"Brooks Brothers" Two Tuck Linen Trousers PINK size w 33 inch
"Vital" hemp Easy pants BROWN size w 32 - w 38 inch
1980's Levi's Cotton 517 STA-PREST  color : NAVY size w 32.5 inch  (表記 31x30)
1970~80's "DEE CEE" Corduroy Painter Pants made in USA  DEAD STOCK - one wash color : BURGUNDY size w 32 inch (表記 w 32 inch)
1980's Levi's 517 STA-PREST  MOCA BROWN size w 33.5 inch  (表記 34)
1980's Levi's 646 Corduroy Pants color : Orange Brown size w 31 inch (表記 w30 l 34)
AS.IS. 1970's Levi's 517 Corduroy Pants color : Brown size w 31 inch
1980-90's Europe Suede Tuck Pants BLACK size w 34.5 inch
1980's Europe Design Leather Pants Charcoal size w 31 inch
POLO by RALPH LAUREN Two-Tuck Wool Trousers BROWN size waist 32 inch
1980-90's Levi's lot : 519 Corduroy Straight Pants BROWN size w 32.5 inch (表記 34 x 30)
1980's~ Lee lot : 200 Corduroy Straight Pants Sax Blue size w 35.5 inch (表記 36 x 34)
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Cotton / Wool Tuck Trousers Olive Beige size w 34 inch (表記 32 x 34)
"Polo by Ralph Lauren" Wide Wale Corduroy Trousers BLUE size w 29 ~ 30 inch
"JOHN CHERPAS" Patchwork Design Suede / Leather Pants BROWN size w 32 ~ 34 inch
1960's OLD Wool Tuck Trousers あずき色 size w 34.5 inch
"POLO by Ralph Lauren"  Linen Trosers BLACK size w 32 inch
"POLO SPORT" Ralph Lauren Nuback Leather Trousers BROWN size w 34 inch (表記34/34)
"POLO by Ralph Lauren"  Silk / Cotton  Straight Trousers BROWN size w 35 inch (表記34/32)
1980's Levi's 519 Velour Straight Trousers Red Brown size w 31.5 inch (表記 w31 x L36)
1970's Levi Strauss & Co. Lot : 519 Cotton Twill Straight Trousers Fade Navy size w 31.5 inch (表記 w31 x L34)
1980's Levi Strauss & Co. "Movin On" Boots Cut Corduroy Pants Grey size w 32 inch (表記 w32 x L30)
1990's Levi Strauss & Co. Two-Tuck Cotton Easy Pants Dead Stock one-washed RED size w 32 inch (表記 32 x 32)
1940's~ OLD Europe Wool Tuck Trousers BROWN size w =32 inch (表記 不明)
A) ~1940's Europe Wool Trousers with Suspenders Button BLACK size 29 ~ 31 inch
1980''s "Lee" Regular Fit Corduroy Straight Pants Dead Stock BROWN size w28 inch (表記 w29 L34)
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