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"COOGI" Pullover Cotton Sweater  made in AUSTRALIA MULTI COLOR size M-L (表記M)
1990's "SMYTHE AND COMPANY" Crazy Pattern Cotton Cardigan Multi Color size XL (表記 XL)
1980's U.S.Military Mock Neck Sweater BLACK size M (表記 L 44-46)
"CRIOS" Fisherman's Sweater -made in IRELAND- NATURAL size L (表記 L)
"Shiela Handknits" Fisherman's Sweater -made in Republic of IRELAND- NATURAL size M - L (表記 不明)
1970's Sears Fisherman Sweater WHITE size M - L (表記 M)
"L.L.Bean" Big Size Fisherman's Cardigan NATURAL size XL ~ 位 (表記 無し)
L.L.Bean Birdseye Wool Cardigan -made in NORWAY- Charcoal / Red size L (表記 L)
1960's "McGREGOR" Orlon Acrylic Design Cardigan BROWN size S - M (表記 36)
1980's "MAGNETIC FORCE" Tilden Sweater -made in USA- GREEN size M - L (表記 XL)
1950-60's "Brian Mat Neil" Wool Nordic Sweater GREEN size M (表記 L)
OLD "Pringle" V-Neck Argyle Sweater-made in SCOTLAND- GREY size L (表記 44)
1970's U.S.AIR FORCE Acrylic Cardigan BLUE size M - L (表記 46)
"TOWN & COUNTRY" Shetland Wool Crew Neck Sweater Dead Stock BEIGE size L (表記 XL)
OLD "Pringle" V-Neck Cashmere Sweater -made in SCOTLAND- BURGUNDY size L (表記 44)
JOSEPH ABBOUD Crew Neck Alpaca Sweater Off White size L (表記 L)
1990's Tuffi-Lynn Design Acrylic Knit -made in U.S.A- Yellow / Red / Black size L (表記 不明)
"L.L. Bean" Cotton Cable Sweater Orange size L-XL (表記 XL)
1960's Design Acrylic Cardigan Grey size S -M 位 (表記 不明)
1990's "I.B Diffusion" Design Cotton Knit Multi Color si ze L - XL (表記 M)
"St.JOHNS BAY" Light Weight V-Neck Cotton Knit BROWN size L (表記 L)
"Calvin Klein" Light Weight V-Crew Cotton Knit GREY size XL (表記 XXL)
1980's~ "Nordstrom" Shetland Wool Nordic Sweater NAVY size M (表記 M)
1950's "Criterion" Lettered Wool Sweater BLACK size S (表記 不明)
1950's "WIL WITE" Lettered Cardigan BURGUNDY size S - M (表記 なし)
1950's "Jack Frost Woolen Wear" Lettered Cardigan Natural size M - L (表記 不明)
1950's~ Lettered Cardigan "O" PURPLE size M - L (表記 なし)
1990's~ "CHRYSANTHEME" Pullover Sweater (総柄) NAVY size L (表記 Women 3X)
1990's~ "BANANA REPUBLIC" Pullover Cotton Sweater GREY-GREEN size L (表記 XXL)
"Seventh Avenue" Big Size Design Sweater  Green系 size XL (表記 XL)
"Victoria Jones" Design Turtleneck Sweater size L - XL (表記 M)
Europe Mohair Wool Argyle Pattern Cardigan size L - XL ぐらい ( 表記 なし )
Europe Mohair Wool Check Pattern Cardigan size XL 位 ( 表記 M )
1970's ~ Cowichan Sweater 馬 size L ~ XL 位 (表記 無し)
1990's "THE LIMITED" Mohair Sweater "ぐるぐる"  総柄 size L (表記 M / L)
1990's "VIBES" Crew Neck Colorful Line Acrylic Knit Sweater  RED   size  L ~ (表記 L)
1960's~ "Classic Car " Cowichan Sweater size M  (表記 無し)
"GRANT THOMAS" Merino Wool Mock Neck Knit -made in ITALY- NAVY size L (表記 XL)
"joseph & lyman" Wool Mock Neck Knit -made in AUSTRALIA- BROWN size M - L (表記 L)
OLD Alpaca Wool Nordic Sweater BROWN size L - XL (表記 不明)
1980-90's "KITTY HAWK" Hi-Neck Design Sweater Blue / Red / Charcoal size L - XL (表記 M)
"INVERALLAN" Fisherman's Sweater -made in SCOTLAND- NATURAL size L (表記 不明)
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧
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