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1990's Ralph Lauren Typewriter Cotton Trench Coat color : LIGHT BROWN size MEDIUM 表記10
1990's Ralph Lauren Typewriter Cotton Trench Coat color : BEIGE size M-L 表記10
1960-70's OLD Pleats Design Wool Coat BEIGE size Free

1960-70's OLD Pleats Design Wool Coat BEIGE size Free

(税込価格: 27,500円)
1980's YVES SAINT LAURENT Double Breasted Trench Coat color : SMOKEY PURPLE size XL-XXL 表記48
1980's~ "STEFANO" Chemical Wash Denim Design Coat Blue Denim size XL~ (表記24 1/2)
1950's U.S.Military Corduroy Double Breast Coat NAVY size M (表記 M)
1950's French Military Linen Hospital Coat Dead Stock one-washed Natural size XS
French Military F-2 Hooded Coat with Lining Dead Stock OLIVE size M - L (表記 88L)
1960's "Morris & Sons" Double Breasted Cashmere Coat BLACK size M - L (表記 不明)
1960's "PARK LANE" Single Long Wool Coat BLACK size M - L (表記 不明)
1980's U.S.Military Fishtail Snow Camouflage Parka Dead Stock WHITE size Small
1950's Swedish Military Snow Camouflage Parka Dead Stock - one washed WHITE size FREE (表記 不明)
1970's French Military M-64 Parka Coat OLIVE size Free (表記 92C)
1990's~ "Denim & Co." Black Denim Duffle Coat Black Denim size M (表記 M)
1990's Denim & Co. Cotton Duffle Coat BEIGE size S - M (表記 M)
1950's French "Le Pigeon Voyageur" Salt and Pepper Atelier Coat size M (表記 不明)
RALPH LAUREN "RUGBY" Wax Cotton P-Coat  DarkNavy size Medium (表記 M)
1980-90's "CHARLES KLEIN" Design Wool Coat -made in USA- Charcoal Grey size M - L
1980's "PATRICK KELLY" Design Wool Coat -made in FRANCE- Black / Red size Free
1970's "Adams" Double Breasted Fake Fur Coat BLACK size S (表記 16)
1980's "ROBERT KIRK" Duffle Coat -made in ENGLAND- NAVY size S - M (表記 US12)
1970's~ "GLOVERALL for A Gold Sons" Duffle Coat -made in ENGLAND- BEIGE size S (表記 不明)
1980's U.S. Military Single Trench Coat  GREEN size S  (表記 14)
1970's GREECE Nep Linen Coat Dead Stock - one washed NATURAL size M
OLD Aquascutum "Aqua 5" Soutien Collar Coat -made in ENGLAND- BEIGE size L (表記 16)
1960's~ U.S. NAVY Double Breasted Trench Coat  NAVY size M - L  (表記 S 34-36)
1960's~ "TRICEL" Paisley Pattern Gown -made in BRITAIN- RED size Free (表記 M)
1970's Sears Harf Sleeve Stripe Gown Red / White / Navy size Free (表記 L 42-44)
1970's Satin Gown "Traditional Japanese Design" Black / Burgundy size L (表記 LL)
1980's "WIPPETTE" Rain Coat BLUE size Free (表記 ONE SIZE)
POLO SPORT Tweed Wool Duffle Coat BROWN size M - L (表記 M)
1970's Eskimo Parka Coat  BURGUNDY size S 位 (表記 無し)
1970's~ OLD Blanket Gown Native Pattern (総柄) size Free (表記 なし)
~1940's French "ALA HOULETTE" Indigo Linen Work Coat size L位 (表記 なし)
1950's French "AU MOLINEL" Black Linen Work Coat DEAD STOCK - one wash size L位 (表記 52)
1950's Italian Military Moleskin Collarless Coat Dead Stock NAVY size S
1960's "RUTH MC CULLOCH" Mohair Wool Coat BROWN size M (表記 不明)
1960's U.S.Military Cotton Sateen Trench Coat OLIVE size M (表記 SMALL-LONG)
1980's Denim Design Poncho Black Denim size Free (ONE SIZE FITS ALL)
1980's "STEVE EVANS" Color Pattern Design Wool Coat -made in USA- Multi Color size XL (表記 不明)
1980's Dolman Sleeve Design Wool Coat IVORY size Free (表記 不明)
1980's~ Europe Big Silhouette Boa Coat BLACK size Free (表記 不明)
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