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1960's Germany L/S Pullover Stripe Shirts Faded NAVY / WHITE size L - XL (表記 不明)
1970's  OLD Patch Work Denim L/S Shirts BLUE 系 size S (表記 M)
"LAUREN Ralph Lauren" Leather Shirts D.BROWN size M 位 (表記 S)
1960's~ "KAYNEE"  Double Cuffs Dress Shirts  size XS 位  (表記 13 1/2 )
"J.Crew" L/S Check Flannel Shirts  GREEN系 size M位  (表記 S )
"Wangler" L/S Denim Western Shirts Dead Stock - onewash size S位  (表記 14 1/2 x 32 )
"SOME ISLAND" Velour L/S Pullover Shirts ライオン size L~XL 位 (表記 L)
1970's US Military Chemical Protect Linner Shirts OLIVE size M (表記 M)
1970's "Reyn Spooner" Paisley L/S Corduroy Shirts YELLOW size L (表記 L)
~00's "CHICO'S DESIGN"  Silk / Linen Embroidery Shirts ベージュ size M  (表記 2)
1950's~ "Pendleton" Buttondown L/S Wool Shirts Red / Black size M - L (表記 L)
1960's~ French "EEB" Ombrer Check L/S Box Shirts Brown / Green size M (表記 不明)
1960's Germany L/S Pullover Stripe Shirts NAVY / WHITE size L (表記 不明)
1980's~ "ANGELA TONG" L/S Design Rayon Shirts Mustard系 size S (表記 6)
1980's~ "PRONTI" L/S Design Rayon Shirts Mustard系 size L (表記 M 10-12)
1950's U.S.Navy 1Pocket C.P.O Wool Shirts NAVY size S - M (表記 不明)
1960's Europe "DESTRE CHERPIN" Flannel Cotton Long Shirts Dead Stock Blue系 size M (表記 41)
1960's "Winter King" Heavy Flannel Check Shirts  size M (表記 不明)
1950's~ "Fruit of the Loom" Hound's tooth Flannel Box Shirts DEAD STOCK RED size M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1980's "Woolrich" L/S Flannel Shirts Camouflage size M - L (表記 不明)
1970's~ "Pendleton" Open Collar L/S Wool Shirts GREY size M - L (表記 L)
1960's French Cotton Flannel Pullover Shirts DEADSTOCK GREY size M-L (表記 43)
1940's~ Raglan Sleeve L/S Rayon Shirts NATURAL size M - L (表記 なし)
1990's~ "TOWER HILL" L/S Design Rayon Shirts GREEN / NATURAL size M - L (表記 L)
1960's "BOY SCOUT" All Cotton L/S Shirts OLIVE size S  (表記 不明)
1960's "Wrinkle Free" OLD L/S Shirts Check Pattern RED / GREEN 系 size L (表記 16-16 1/2 L)
1980's~ "All Hours" L/S Dot Shirts Sax / White / Black size M - L (表記 なし)
1950-60's "Nelson Paige" Print Flannel Shirts  DEAD STOCK size M - L  (表記 M 15 1/2)
1980's~ "KASPER" Design L/S Pullover Shirts BLACK / WHITE size L (表記 L)
1990's~ "CHICO's DESIGN" L/S Design Linen Jacket BROWN size L (表記 3)
1990's WINNER'S L/S Design Spangles Shirts Black / Yellow size L (表記 L)
1990's~ "STEFANO" L/S Design Rayon Shirts RED / BLACK size L (表記 18 - 20)
"Rag Union" Hand Painted L/S Denim Shirts Blue Denim size L (表記 なし)
1960's "Brooks Brothers" OLD L/S Stripe Shirts WHITE / RED size L (表記 16)
1970's L/S Embroidery Cotton Shirts BLACK size M-L (表記 なし)
1980's "SPACE" Checked Pattern L/S Shirts グレー size L (表記 XL)
"MESA" L/S Design Shirts / Jacket Black Bleach size XL (表記 1X)
NEW "BLACK FLEECE BY Brooks Brothers" L/S Cotton B/D Shirts NAVY size L (表記 BB3)
NEW "BLACK FLEECE BY Brooks Brothers" L/S Linen B/D Shirts WHITE size M - L (表記 BB2)
1970's "J.C.Penny" Collarless Pullover Shirts BEIGE size M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
"Yak Magik" L/S Design Shirts Sax Blue size M-L (表記 L)
1980's~ "Eddie Bauer" Standcollar L/S Denim Shirts INDIGO BLUE size M-L (表記 M)
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧
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