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Europe  Acid Wash L/S Lace Up Pullover Shirts Blue size L-XL (表記不明)
1950-60's Fox Knapp  L/S Wool CPO Shirts NAVY size M-L (表記 L 16)
1970's PENDLETON L/S Wool Shirts BEIGE size S (表記 S)
1960's Belvedere L/S Wool Shirts Olive Green size L (表記 16 - 16 1/2 L)
1970's PENDLETON L/S Wool Shirts RED size L (表記 L)
1970's Europe L/S Flannel Long Shirts Brown / Green size XL
1960's~ Europe L/S Pullover Long Shirts BLUE size M - L
1990's "COLORADO" L/S Spangles Shirts Crazy Pattern size M - L (表記 L)
1960'S PENDLETON L/S Wool Shirts BLACK size S - M (表記 S)
Tiger Stripe Camouflage L/S Shirts one-washed Olive / Black / Brown size S - M (表記 14 1/2)
1980's U.S.Military L/S Service Shirts Dead Stock BLACK size S (表記 14 x 33)
OLD French Cotton Pullover Long Shirts BLUE系 size L
1960's PENDLETON L/S Wool Box Shirts BLUE size L (表記 XL)
1990's~ "Wrangler" Cotton Decoration Shirts Sax Blue size M - L (表記 M)
1950's "Sportsman by CAL-MADE" Two-tone Wool Shirts Red / C.Grey size L (表記 L)
1970's "Sears" Check Pattern Flannel Shirts with Quilting Liner Red size M-L (表記  M 15-15 1/2)
1970's OLD Guatemara Shirts Brown系 size L (表記不明)
1960's "The Halle Bros. Co." Check Pattern Box Shirts GREEN size L (表記 L 33)
1980's ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Check Pattern L/S Shirts BROWN サイズ L (表記 L)
1990's~ "PURE" Japanese Pattern Silk Shirts Beige / Black size L (表記 M)
1960's~ "Boy Scout of America BSA" Cotton L/S Shirts  GREEN size M - L (表記 15 REG)
1980's~ "Wrangler" Native Pattern BD Shirts -made in USA- BLACK size M (表記 15 - 34)
1990's OLD GAP L/S Linen Shirts Off White size L - XL (表記 L)
1970's Permanent Press Embroidery Chambray Shirts Sax Blue size S - M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1960's "McGREGOR" L/S Rayon Box Shirts RED size L (表記 L 16 1/2 - 17)
1940's "BRENT" Two-Tone Rayon Shirts Western Design Mocha Brown size M (表記 M)
"Brooks Brothers" B/D Oxford Stripe Shirts Multi Color size XL (表記 L)
1960's "Lew Ritter" Oxford B/D Shirts White size L (表記 15)
1960's~ "Dana Company" L/S Cotton Shirts White size M - L (表記 15 1/2)
1960's "Bayard" L/S Wool Box Long Shirts BROWN size M - L (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2 TALL)
1960's "PURITAN" L/S Wool Box Shirts size M (表記 L)
1960's PILGRIM" L/S Wool Box Shirts Brown / Maroon / Black size M - L (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1960's "Indian River" Print Flannel Box Shirts Blue / Red / Yellow size M (表記 M 15-15 1/2)
1960's "Pendleton" L/S Wool B/D Shirts GREEN size L (表記 L)
1960's "Pendleton" L/S Wool BOX Shirts BROWN size S - M (表記 M)
1940-50's "Lodon Shop" Design Pocket L/S Rayon Shirts GREEN size M - L (表記 不明)
~1960's "McGREGOR"  L/S Wool Box Shirts YELLOW size L (表記 L)
1960's Open Collar L/S Wool Shirts Green / Brown size S - M (表記 なし)
1980's~ "Calbros" L/S Nep Wool BD Shirts Red Brown size S - M (表記 40)
1980's~ "ferruche" L/S Design Shirts BEIGE size L (表記 L)
1960's "McCall" L/S Stripe Shirts Blue / Sax size M (表記 15 - 15 1/2)
1960's "CLUBMAN" L/S Box Style Shirts size L (表記 L 16 - 16 1/2)
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧
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