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1970's "TORINA" L/S Mods Shirts Polo Style Heather Grey size M-L (表記 L)
"Studio Silk" L/S Silk Shirts Multi Color size XL~ (表記 24W)
L/S Shirts "Paint Design" BLACK / PINK size L (表記 なし)
1970's "Kennington" L/S Embroidery Shirts NATURAL size M-L (表記 L 16 1/2)
1960's "McGREGOR" Cotton L/S Shirts Diamond Pattern ORANGE size M (表記 15-15 1/2 M)
1980's~ "David Brooks" L/S Stripe Broad Shirts Multi Collar size L (表記 8)
"LAUREN Ralph Lauren" Design Corduroy Shirts RED size S (表記 M)
~1980's "Broadway Tuxmakers" Wing Collar L/S Tuck Shirts WHITE size S (表記 S 32-33)
1980's~ "Clodia Dee" Rhinestone Denim L/S Shirts Blue Denim size M-L (表記 M)
1970's OLD Guatemara Shirts  WineRed系 size S-M 位  (表記 なし )
1950's "OLD BALDY" L/S Chino Shirts  BEIGE系 size L位  (表記 15 )
1970's "KENNINGTON" L/S Western Shirts  Yellow/ Green size M位  (表記 L )
~ 1960's OLD Europe L/S Pullover Shirts  GREEN系 size M - L位  (表記 なし )
1980's "Mr.Leggs" L/S Heavy Flannel Shirts  BURGUNDY系 size M位  (表記 M 15 1/2 TALL)
1980's~ "MEDALLION" Jacquard Henley Neck Shirts "ふくろう" made in England size L 位 (表記 42/44)
1970's~ Jacquard L/S Shirts 総柄 GREY/BURGUNDY size M 位 (表記 不明)
1960's "SKYSCRAPER" Polyester Box Shirts  Yellow DEAD STOCK - one wash  size L (表記 XL)
1960's  " Brooks Brothers " Cotton x Wool L/S Shirts size M (表記 14 1/2)
1970's Embroidery Western Shirts size S - M  (表記 無し)
"Pierre Cardin" Cotton / Ramie L/S Shirts BLACK  size M  (表記 M)
1990's "Jacque & Koko" Crazy Print L/S Shirts  size L - XL (表記 22/24)
1990's "TERRANOVA" Crazy Pattern L/S Shirts  size L - XL (表記 M)
1960's ARROW  Chamois Cloth Lace Up Pullover Shirts NAVY size M (表記 MEDIUM 15-15 1/2)
1960's~ Europe L/S Pullover Long Shirts Olive / Orange size L
1980's Woolrich Wool CPO Shirts GREY  size Small (表記 Small)
1960's "DONEGAL" L/S Wool Box Shirts BLUE size L (表記 M)
1950's L/S Woo Boxl Shirts with Cat Eye Button "Bird" GREEN size L
1970's~ BROOKS BROTHERS B/D Oxford Shirts BEIGE size L (表記 15 1/2)
"GIORGIO ARMANI" L/S Rayon Stripe Shirts  made in ITALY Blue size M - L (表記 L)
1960's "Tedward's" L/S Cotton Tab Collar Shirts WHITE size M-L (表記 16)
Ralph Lauren "LAUREN"  Wool Shirts Jacket LIGHT GREY size M   (表記 L)
1940-50's "McGREGOR"  L/S Woo Shirts RED size M - L (表記 M)
~1960's OLD Europe L/S Check Shirts GREEN size S - M (表記 不明)
1970's~ PENDLETON L/S Wool Shirts YELLOW size M - L (表記 M)
1960's Unknown L/S Heavy Flannel Shirts with Gadget GREEN size M - L (表記 16 - 16 1/2)
1950-60's "Woolrich L/S Wool Box Shirts BEIGE size M - L (表記 M)
1970's C.P.O L/S Wool Shirts NAVY size S - M
1970's~ MAC KEEN L/S Denim Western Shirts  made in France Blue Denim size M - L (表記 不明)
1960's "ARROW" Ombre Check Rayon Shirts Red / Green  size M - L (表記 15 - 15 1/2)
1980's "FIVE BROTHER" Heavy Flannel Check Shirts -made in U.S.A- RED size M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1970's BIG MAC Heavy Flannel Check Shirts  青系 size L (表記 L)
1960's "BRENT"  Rayon L/S Embroidery Shirts  size M  (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧
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