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1990's "ALPHA INDUSTRIES" FV-2 Flyers Vest Dead Stock -made in USA- OLIVE size X-LARGE
1940's~ "AMERICAN RED CROSS" Knit Vest OLIVE size S
1960-70's Double Breasted Acrylic Vest BLACK size M
DKNY JEANS Double Breast Sleeveless Tops Charcoal Grey size M - L (表記 S)
1980's "KETCH" Design Denim Vest Blue Denim / Black Denim size M (表記 不明)
1980's "MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD" Design Denim Vest Blue Denim size M (表記 M)
1982's U.S.Military Ground Crewman's Vest Dead Stock RED  size Small / Medium (32 - 40)
1930's "Red and Bleel" Nubuck / Knit Vest BROWN size S - M (表記 不明)
1930's "Bloomingdales" Cotton / Wool Vest Olive Green size M (表記 M)
1970's "Levi's" 70505e Cutoff Denim Vest Indigo Blue size S位  (表記 36)
1930's "Saks Fifth Avenue " Waist Gillet  BLACK size Free  (表記 不明)
1970's "Abbey" Fisherman's Vest made in CLARENBRIDGE size L - XL (表記 不明)
MAX & MABEL Design Vest (総柄) Brown - Beige size L
"J.CREW" Toggle Front Down Vest GREEN size M (表記 M)
1970's "Levi's" Reversible Vest Denim / Multi Stripe size S  (表記 無し)
OLD  "HENRIK VIBSKOV" Gray Cath Vest Shirts size M位 (表記 S)
1990's "A.J" Design Denim Vest Blue Denim size S - M (表記 M)
OLD "John Wanamaker" Pure Virgin Wool Vest Dead Stock -made in ENGLAND- Red Brown size M (表記 42)
1970's "LEVI'S" Reversible Vest Big "E" DEADSTOCK DENIM / STRIPE size L  (表記 無し)
1970's "LEVI'S" Reversible Vest Big "E" DENIM / STRIPE size L  (表記 無し)
1980's "GERRY" ダウンベスト Orange リップストップ
1980's "Woolrich" 60/40 Cloth Down Vest  NAVY size S - M  (表記 SMALL)
1970's Suede Leather Vest  Brown size L  (表記 無し)
1950's~ French Cotton / Wool Vest size S  (表記無し)
1960's "Bullseye" USA Hunting Vest size M (表記無し)
1980's "L.L.Bean" Reversible Vest  Wool / 60:40 size M - L  (表記 M)
OLD Mix Wool Knit Vest size XL  (表記 無し)
1980's "Eddie Bauer" Goose Down Vest  BEIGE size M  (表記 無し)
1970-80's "THE NORTH FACE" RIP STOP Down Vest  RED size S - M  (表記 S)
1990's "Patagonia" Synchilla Fleece Vest  BLACK size M  (表記 M)
1950's~ French Cotton / Wool Vest size L  (表記無し)
1930's French Salt & Pepper GILET Dead Stock size S - M (表記無し)
1970-80's "THE NORCE FACE" ダウンベスト Yellow size XS 茶タグ
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧