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1960's "ISLANDER by Kramer" Cotton Hawaiian Shirts Salmon Red size M - L (表記 不明)
1960's "SUN TOGS by Bud Berma" Skipper Collar S/S Shirts  Grey / Check size M - L (表記 不明)
1960-70's "AUDEN" S/S Shirts (総柄) Dead Stock size L (表記 不明)
1980's "Pier Connection" Half Sleeve Design Shirts Light Blue size M (表記 M)
1960-70's "Guy Romo" Cotton Hawaiian Shirts White / Purple size M (表記 M)
1980's "GOOUCH" S/S Rayon Shirts GREEN size L - XL (表記 L)
1950- 60's "Boy Scout of America" S/S Collarless Shirts GREEN size S - M (表記 14)
1970's "King Louie" Chain Stitch Bowling Shirts Dark Blue size L (表記 L)
1960-70's JANTZEN Cotton Pile Beach Shirts Orange Brown size L (表記 L)
1960-70's Cotton Pile Beach Shirts Paisley Pattern GREY size L - XL (表記 不明)
1990's "COTLER" S/S Design Shirts Charcoal Grey size L (表記 L)
1950-60's "Boy Scout of America" S/S Collarless Shirts OLIVE size M (表記 なし)
1950's~ "ABRON" Cotton Baseball Shirts RED / WHITE size M (表記 M)
1950's "Tropiclads" S/S Hawaiian Shirts Lt.Beige size M - L (表記 M)
~1970's S/S Cotton Shirts BROWN / YELLOW 系 size XL (表記 なし)
S/S Cotton Pullover Shirts ORANGE size L - XL (表記 なし)
1990's "Hi FEVER" S/S Cotton Shirts BLACK  / WHITE size L (表記 XL)
1990's "Carole Little" S/S Rayon Shirts Flower Pattern size XL (表記 14)
1970's "KENNINGTON" S/S Check Shirts  DEADSTOCK PINk / YELLOW size M - L (表記 M 15 1/2)
1970's Paisley Pattern S/S Shirts 総柄 size M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1960's "LA JOLLA Sportswear" S/S Pullover Shirts RED size M (表記 )
1950's~ "SAND Knitting Mills Co" Referee Jersey Tops BLACK / WHITE size M-L (表記 42)
1960's~ "EMPIRE" Short Sleeve Baseball Shirts GREY / NAVY size M (表記 36)
1940's British Army Harf Sleeve  Pullover Shirts DEADSTOCK NATURAL size M (表記 1)
1960's "GALEY LORD" Cotton Check S/S Shirts size M-L (表記 なし)
1970's KING LOUIE S/S Bowling Shirts Black size M (表記M)
"Disney Wear" S/S Print Shirts WHITE size L (表記 M)
1980's "Christian Dior" Summer Set Up Dead Stock Grey / Burgundy size M - L (表記 XL)
~1960's "BRENT" S/S Rayon Shirts -made in California- PINK size S - M (表記 M 15 - 15 1/2)
1970's U.S.Military S/S Cotton Fatigue Shirts OLIVE size S (表記 14 1/2 x 33)
"Polo by Ralph Lauren" Linen / Silk S/S Shirts Off White size S - M (表記 S)
1960's "WILSON" Baseball Wool Shirts -made in USA- Grey / Navy size L (表記 42)
1990's "Allison Daley" Mondorian Patterns S/S Shirts Pink / White / Black / Beige size L (表記 16)
S/S Cotton Pullover Shirts Native Pattern Black / Red size L (表記 不明)
JUNK 1960's California S/S Open Collared Shirts "魚" Red / Black / White size M - L (表記 M)
1970's U.S.Military Cotton Fatigue Shirts OLIVE size S (表記 14 1/2)
00's "Cracker Jacks" S/S Shirts Navy size XL (表記 L)
1930's~ Pullover Baseball Shirts Stripe Design with Felt Patch Faded Brown size M - L (表記 不明)
1980's "L.L.Bean" S/S Shirts Worker Style Smoky Blue size L - XL (表記 XL)
1990's "WHISTLES" S/S Design Shirts WHITE size M - L (表記 S)
1980's "L.L.Bean" S/S Shirts Worker Style BEIGE size M (表記 M)
1950's~ "Pacific Athletic Co." Cotton Baseball Shirts Green / Yellow size L (表記 L)
  説明付き一覧    写真のみ一覧
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